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It would be useful if color rules could be set based on a column not present in the chart.


For example on a bubble chart, I might have X-Axis set to "Height", Y-Axis set to "Weight" and Bubble Size set to "Score", with the series as "Name", but I want to color the bubbles pink or blue depending on the column "Gender" which isn't present in the chart but can be added to the data table below in Analyzer.


In the meantime I don't understand why color rules allow you to select columns not in the chart if they have no effect.



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  • The reason that you can see additional columns on the color rules settings for a card is that you have to set the rules for the enitre drill path when you are creating the initial view.  For example, if you set the color rules for Gender in your example to blue and pink, then you created a drill through card that contained the gender field as part of the visualization, then you would see the impact of the color rule.


    That being said, I do really like the idea of actually changing the color of the current visual based on a field or calculation not present on the visualization.  I think there is a feature called "tool tip fields" that is starting to head down this road but I'm not sure they have considered including color rules as part of the use case.  

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  • I'd like to see this and something similar. I'd like to color a column based on a value in another column. For example:


    Column 1 | Column 2

    7.35          | Red

    3.24          | Green

    1.45          | Yellow


    I'd like to have a color rule that would allow me to color column 1 based on the value of column 2. 

    I know this is doable using beast mode by using concat with some HTML code, but its impossible to export this data or display it properly on different sized pages.  Really need this!

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