More card-types for multi-column data

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I am a big fan of the Pie / Funnel cards and some of the additional charts which are based around a two-column system such as:


"Date | Country | Gender | Points"


This makes it easy to create a Pie/Funnel where I can see the split of total points by gender.


However in many of my datasets I will have the data in columns instead of rows, e.g:


"Date | Country | Points_Male | Points_Female"


This is especially true where we have e.g. points split by multiple age and gender buckets and we do not want to duplicate all the other data in multiple rows.


At present the only chart type to split up the data from this format is the stacked bar. This makes my visualizations quite boring for this data. Could we add a new category of Pie/Funnels for multi-column data?

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  • This was exactly the idea I had too. I wanted a way to show a multi level pie or donut charts to make comparisons of 2 segments of date easier to visualise. This is very possible in Excel, but currently I don't see an option for this in Domo.

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