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Currently, if you go to a Dataset details, then to 'Cards' you have the option to "Switch cards to a different DataSet".  This works well in bulk changes where I'd like to keep the residing Beast Mode calculations.  But if you could add the ability to do this selectively versus 'all or nothing' it would add a lot more power behind this.


For example, you have someone that copies a lot of cards for another client or something but doesn't want that original dataset, they want a new one. So they've copied the cards already one by one...then changing the names one by one to remove 'copy of'...then now to get them to actually work like they want it to, they have to manually change the dataset and then they'd lose all the beast modes too. 


BUT if you added a selective option, they could do the dataset change in bulk, allow those selective cards to keep the original beast mode logic, and save whoever needs this down the road a ton of headache (me).




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