Update Dataflow with multiple datasources (AND/OR function)

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Hi there,


I think it would be necessary to adapt update methods for Dataflows.


Currently it is possible to update "on demand" when another dataflow or datasource was updated. This is problematic when using more than one datasource, because that means that DOMO starts updating when one of the datasources is finished and neglects the status of all other sources.


I read about the same issue a few times in DOJO, but the workaround by using schedules is likely unefficient and risky.





Dataflow A has 3 sources: Dataflow 1, Dataflow 2 and Dataset 3


Currently I can set update when either 1,2,3 are updated, but I cannot set update to: when 1,2,3 are updated completly then update Dataflow A.


Therefore it happend that Dataflow A was updated, because Dataflow 1 was finished although Dataflow 2 is still running, which results in wrong figures.


Using a time schedule will most likely reduce that risk, but first of all I need to calculate possible running times, which can change over time and secondly we will lose time, because there must be a safety gap. Furthermore setting schedules can be very confusing depending the complexity and quantity of datasources and dataflows.


I am very sure that this issue was already reported, but I wasn´t able to find any relating post.


The solution:

Add and/or to the update method, so I can request that all sources or specific sources are fully updated before starting the new update process.

Many thanks

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