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It would be great if we have a feature for the table card where in you can lock certain columns for it not to get affected by quick filters.


Like for example: I have 4 columns for 2018 data and 4 columns for 2019 data. I have a quick filter which lets you change the figures from type A to type B.

my idea is to lock the 4 columns of 2018 data and let the latter get affected with the quick filter. 

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  • Jeffsnake
    Jeffsnake Contributor

    This would make the table card so much more functional... seems ridiculous that we can't do this.


    @Dani - Any chance you can throw your weight behind this one.  This is something that we (and many other people) have been asking for a long time.  I"ve had several conversations with product managers... but there just isn't much traction.  There most recent "answer" is the new pivot table... but that does not give us the functionality we need in the regular table card... which is where it is needed.  The pivot table card is very limited, difficult to use, and is apparently intended only for calculating/displaying numeric values.


    This is a big pain point for us, and would be awesome if we could get a fix.  I'm not a developer, but is seems like adding a checkbox "Lock Y/N" option to each field in the table card should be a pretty straightforward thing.




  • @Jeffsnake 


    Let me see what I can do, are there other existing ideas in the exchange suggesting this? I will try and combine! 



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