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It would be helpful as Domo user if the owner/developer of the card had a way to add notes/bullet points/etc... to a card to help give the viewers some extra information. I understand that they can write their notes in buzz or have a notepad as a different card but would be nice to have card level notes. In specific cases we have already run into...


I am sitting a meeting with the CFO presenting information and interpreting our analysis of the information into decisive strategy for him to take from the meeting. He asks a question as simple as, "How was datapoint X calculated" or something else of the sort...I then have to say that I'll get back to him after I have discussed with the card builder/data owner. Would have been nice if they could detail out some of those calculations and data set nuances beforehand...or at least after but as a reminder for the next time we meet about it.

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  • I like the idea of card level notes.  In addition to providing a space for the card developer to give detailed field descriptions, it could also be used by a presenter to add in commentary about what is driving a particular trend.


    In a perfect world, I would like the ability to create "Public" notes that would be shared with anyone viewing the card as well as "Private" notes that are unique to that user.

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