Connecting/Calculating Google Sheets with Analytics



i'd like to calculate data from Google Sheets and Google Analytics. Here i would like to use the pageviews from a certainly page and sales from a Google Spreadsheet. This data i'd like to calculate. How can i do this?


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  • Valiant

    Step one would be to import the pageviews data from the Google Analytics data connector. Once you have the data imported, I would cross check the identifiers you have for the pages and the sale items to make sure there is something you can join on. (example, if WidgetA is on page id 49584 I would go through and add that page id to my Google Sheet so that I can join the data together).


    Step two would be to import your updated Google Sheet and then build an ETL that joined your item sales to the relevant page views.


    From there you could modify this to fit whatever final cards you're looking to achieve.


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  • user02858

    Thank you for your fast replay. This isn't really easy. When i try to join the data, it didn't works. In Analytics i have data from every day in one row. In Google Sheets i have one row for each order. In my optinion this must go much easier. I must get the number of pageviews from a selected page and the sales date in one calculation.