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I have a yoy card with three years of data displayed by month.  For the month of November, the card displays the correct paritial month comparitive amounts for Nov. 2017, compared with Nov 2016 and 2015.  However, if I drill down on Nov. of 2016 or 2015, the detail contains the full month instead of just the partial month detail.  As a result, what is displayed is not the same as the drill down detail.  Any others run into this?  Is this a card construction issue that I didn't execute properly? 


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    This is a great question! When Drilling into a card, the Drill is only what is included in the x-axis. Because you have selected either Nov-2015 or Nov-2016, the Drill will show you, November, from 2015/2016. Because the drill down is no longer showing year over year, the card doesn't know any better to compare to this current month and show only the first 15 days for example.


    Here is an article from our Knowledge Base going into more detail about Drilling into cards, and how it works: http://knowledge.domo.com?cid=drilling


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    I think what is puzzling to me is that the prior two prior years first 15 days (for example) can be calculated for the label and bars size, but at the same time not be reflected in the drill down.   Prior to the yoy graphs now included in Domo, we had yoy graphs that were created using beast modes.  The drill down always matched the display when we were using beast modes to get yoy results for all years displayed.      

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    That is a good question. Because you created the dataset in a Data Flow, you were able to put multiple years of data on a single row of data (hence why you could have the previous years data for an individual day). With how the period of period charts work, they run a calculation at the vizualization level, not at the data level. In order to get this functionality, you would need to create a new dataset, joining previous years data onto this years data, and then creating a card off of that dataset.


    I hope that helps clear it up!


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