Line and Grouped Bar Chart with three metrics


I'm trying to build a Line and Grouped Bar Chart that contains three metrics all of very different scales.


The card should show dates by day on the x-axis.


The metrics are:

 - Revenue (bar)

 - Users (bar)

 - Average Revenue per User (line)


the problem I'm having is due to the different scales of the values. the line with Average Revenue per User is ok on the Y-axis slot. Users are then displayed in the bar, but because these values are in the millions and revenue is the thousands you cannot see the revenue bar values.


I can't find any way to edit the scale of a second y-axis.


Am I missing something simple here?





  • RGranada
    RGranada Contributor



    You can solve that on the Chart Properties /Value Scale (Line) or Value Scale (Bar) and set the max and min for the scale.


    Be sure to uncheck the Sync Value Scales properties in Chart Properties / General.


    Hope this Helps.






    Ricardo Granada 


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