how do i change a date grain on a card


I've built a card and chosen the date range for card.  My data is displaying in "monthly buckets".  How do I get it to show daily bars instead?


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    In the "edit card" screen, next to the card title, you should see a drop down displaying the current date range and granularity for your card. Simply click the drop down to open the date options menu (See screenshot), which will allow you to change the date granularity. (Use the "Graph By" option). Let me know if this doesn't work for you!



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    Many thanks!

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  • user01924

    This option doesn't show for drill down cards... how do I edit those date ranges?

  • That's correct.  Currently, you need to set the date grain on the main card before drilling into the data.  I believe this feature has been posted in the ideas section, but if not you should add it ?

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